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How does Canadian departure tax work?

Hello Mohammad, lately I’m confused about Canadian taxes. More specifically, Canadian departure tax. Can you please explain some details about it?

Here are some of the steps: 

1 – Understand your residency determination and how that will impact your taxes. 

2 – Understand exemption There are some Canadian Departure Tax Exemptions, for example… 

– If your Canadian real property was a principal residence (unless you plan to rent it out) 

– Your Canadian business property operates as a permanent establishment 

– You are a short term resident (60 months or less) 

3 – Understand your departure tax on assets

– Personal use and listed personal property (art, stamps, jewelry, coin stamps, rare manuscripts) 

– Property owned outside of Canada – Unincorporated businesses located outside of Canada 

– Portfolio investments (mutual funds, company shares, interests in partnerships, non-resident inter-Vivo trusts, etc.)

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