Meet Mohammad Akif!

International Tax, Cross-Border and Expatriate Tax Expert
for Individuals and Entrepreneurs

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Mohammad specializes in U.S. and Canada tax needs for businesses and individuals

A Cross-Border Tax Expert

Mohammad is an expert in cross-border tax filing and planning, and has intricate knowledge of how the US and Canadian Tax systems interact, and how to keep your tax burden low!

Foreign Business Experience

Setting up, moving, and cross-border business operation is where Mohammad’s 15+ years of tax and accounting experience really shine. Get help structuring and avoiding double tax.

Your Go-To Pre-Move Planner

Planning a cross-border move and have no idea where to start? Mohammad has experience filing in multiple tax systems and can advise you how to go about your move strategically!

“I understand how complex, daunting, time consuming and stressful it can be to deal with multiple tax systems. I know because I personally file with multiple tax systems, too! Both systems are complex. That’s why I focus exclusively on the U.S. and Canadian tax needs of individuals and businesses.”

You can learn more about my firm and how we simplify international tax

"We had a a hard time finding an accountant who knows how to handle Canada-US cross-border tax. To say we are thankful to have found Mohammad is an understatement! He is extremely knowledgable and knew exactly how to handle our situation."
Chris Wayne
Cross-Border Tax
"My first call with Mohammad lasted almost an hour, where he covered and advised on a variety of cross-border related topics. I was so relieved because I knew that I found a professional who knows exactly what I'm going through."
Nataliya Krupa
Relocation Preparation
"Mohammad was able to file cross-border taxes for me for both Canada and USA with a set of a few easy to fill out forms and an easy questionnaire. He was extremely helpful and got the work done quickly."
Zuzanna M
Cross-Border Tax


“I love to make complex cross-border tax simple and easy!”

Here's What I Can Help You With...

Need Help?

I’m here to help. Let’s tackle your most complex international tax problems.

"I needed assistance in filing our complicated Canada-US corporate cross-border taxes. Mohammad truly took the time to explain everything in detail and genuinely cared and made sure my partner and I would understand the process. He is very knowledgable and responsive and went above and beyond in explaining the tax laws. It is such a relief finding a professional like Mohammad and Akif CPA. Highly Recommend!"
Parvaneh Mostafavi
Cross-Border Business

Don't Overpay!

You can hire multiple local tax professionals with little-to-no knowledge of cross-border or international tax to help you deal with each system, or you can go rogue and try to DIY, but most of the time you will…

Learning to file and manage your cross-border finances the right way will save you time, money, and stress! Plus, with an expert at your side, you’ll have someone to call when questions about retirement, assets, and property come up!

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